“My husband and I would like to take this time and opportunity to thank you for your knowledge in getting our young son Shi back to normal health. Shi is three years old and started experiencing the beginning of his illness around Aug. 2010. Shi’s symptoms started out gradually getting worse and worse in the months to follow. The first thing we noticed was how drastic his bowel habits changed. He would bowel movement then go from three to seven days without one at all. He would spend about two days per week vomiting all day long, everything he ate or drank. He was loosing his appetite, and when he would eat about 15-20 minutes later, he would scream with pain in his stomach. We then noticed how even on a hot day, Shi was always freezing cold, wanting to wear a coat, or cover with a blanket. We started making regular visits to his then pediatrician, who put him on magnesium citrate and several other over the counter childrens’ laxatives for his bowel problem; along with several x-rays of his abdomen to see whey Shi wasn’t going to the bathroom regularly. The x-rays showed Shi was severely impacted.

So we would have to start all over again each time with the different laxatives to try on him. He would have a bowel movement with screaming pain, then go for another seven days with no bowel movements at all.
In between, Shi was eating extremely healthy foods. Fruits, vegetables and whole grains that should have made him go very regularly. Instead, the problem was getting worse.
After a couple of weeks, all of the laxatives completely stopped working even the childrens’ suppositories would no longer make him go. Shi was now loosing weight, getting extremely skinny, and his vomiting was starting to increase along with the pain in his abdomen.

We returned again to his then pediatrician who again prescribed the same laxatives that still were not working on him. By now Shi weighed even less and along with his not having a normal bowel movement, throwing up twice per week or more, he was loosing all the color in his face, developing dark sunken circles around his eyes and now he was starting to have stool running out all day long constantly, soiling his underwear and pants, every 30 minutes to an hour.

We looked up information on irritable bowel syndrome, which some of the symptoms seem to match his, so we got some natural childrens’ irritable bowel syndrome tablets for the health food store and started him on them right away. We were also giving him emergency packages for the vitamin C and electrolytes along with a very good liquid acidophilus. We knew that all of this must work since nothing else was, this had to be an irritable bowel syndrome problem that the other Dr’s had just overlooked.

After time, this too did nothing for him at all. Now, the stool was running out constantly and much worse, all with still no regular bowel movement. He was starting to cross his legs and scream with pain saying how it hurt inside still.

By now he had lost so much weight and he was so weak, that all he wanted to do was lay on the couch for days and weeks at a time. He quit playing with his brother and the other kids. He wanted to do nothing but sleep. If he had to urinate he would just go in the bed, or we would have to carry him to the bathroom. He was barely eating and the little that he was eating, his dad and I would have to raise him up in bed to feed him.

At this point we were so terrified and we feared the worst about his condition and could not let this go another day. We had to find someone who could put all of the strange symptoms together and figure out a cure for Shi as quick as possible. A friend of ours, and the health food store, both highly recommended Dr. Manrique and the Good Life Health Center. I made an appointment that same day to get in. When finding out Shi’s condition. There was no waiting around on being scheduled several days later. They took Shi in that same day.

Shi was so sick we had to physically carry him in. I couldn’t be more impressed with how kind and considerate Dr. Manrique and his staff were at taking the time to thoroughly go over every detail about Shi and his condition. After thorough evaluation of Shi, Dr. Manrique did a lot of research and ran a series of blood tests on Shi finding a bacterial infection in his intestines, extreme low thyroid and adrenal function, an allergy to wheat and gluten, and a slight bi-polar disorder.

All of this combined for all those months was what was causing those extreme symptoms. Dr. Manrique put Shi on Thyroid, Hydrocortisone, extremely high doses of vitamin C even giving him a 500mg vitamin C potassium IV, digestive enzymes, probiotics and 5mg of lithium for the mood disorder. Dr. Manrique also put Shi on a strict no wheat, gluten, sugar or dairy diet. It consisted of only chicken and vegetable soups, brown rice, honey, steamed veggies and blueberries. We also had to give him 2-5 saline enemas per day to clean out his system.

The Dr. Said to give it about 2 weeks and we would see a noticeable improvement in Shi’s health. We followed this nutritional guideline very close and by the time 2 weeks had passed, Shi was making very definite improvements in his health. He was getting energy, his appetite returned, and his bowel movements were now starting to get regular and he was able to go twice a day with no pain and no enemas.

As difficult as this all was for a 3 year old to follow, Shi realized how sick he was and cooperated completely. Not only were we as his family able to see the major improvements Shi was making, but other around the community were also noticing that he was starting to gain his normal weight back. The dark eye circles were disappearing, and his facial color was getting back to normal. In the 3 months that we have been taking Shi to see Dr. Manrique from March-June 2011, we are extremely happy, and very impressed with the Dr. Manrique’s ability to get Shi back to normal health. We have recommended Dr. Manrique to our friends, family and associates and we highly recommend that any of you who are suffering from disturbing and unknown health issues and problems go see Dr. Manrique right away. You will get the health related answers that you have been looking for.”

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