By: Javier Manrique NMD, CCT The thyroid is a butterfly shaped gland located in the neck, right below the Adam’s apple. Hormones produced by the thyroid determine the rate of energy production in each one of our cells. Therefore, the thyroid can be thought of as the master control gland …

What is Chelation Therapy?

By Javier Manrique NMD Chelation is the only recognized medical treatment that safely and effectively removes toxic metals from the human body.  The chelating agent, ethylenediaminetetraaceticacid (EDTA) has been used intravenously since the early 1950’s as an antidote for acute heavy metal poisoning. Acute heavy metal poisoning is much less …


To the White Mountain Area Community:

I appreciate so much the expertise that Dr. Manrique has brought to Show Low and the communities of the White Mountains. He is caring and helpful, but his professional skills and knowledge are abundantly apparent.

I was diagnosed with breast cancer in April, 2011 which I suspected at least for a few months. My problem was that I really did not have confidence in any of the doctors who practice conventional medicine. Through a referral from some patients of Dr. Manrique, I made an appointment in March. Dr. Manrique determined that I am also diabetic, recommending a change of diet, along with some lifestyle changes, all of which made a difference in my blood sugar levels, which would definitely affect the situation with a breast tumor.

He referred me to an oncologist for tests for cancer and a definitive diagnosis and I was scheduled to start on a unique conventional regimen, specific to breast cancer. Another part of being somewhat nervous with delays and concern over cancer in general, I felt some stress and drama with my situation. Dr. Manrique was very encouraging, giving a dose of confidence as well as encouragement to make solid changes in my health. In June I had started the conventional therapy with the first treatment. At my next consultation with Dr. Manrique, the tumor lesion had shrunk more than half of what it was in March. Significant progress had been made as a result of Dr. Manrique’s recommendations.

I am happy to say that the lesion is gone and I am continuing to use alternative methods to ensure a positive outcome. I was referred to Dr. Manrique at a time when treatment for cancer was crucial. He was very encouraging and helpful, not only in outlining what measures I needed to take to recover but also to direct my focus to other health professionals that I needed for my best options. I appreciated his recommendations for my course of action. I have come to trust his knowledge and his opinions for the depth of his medical resources and for his ability to help patients who come for his help.

I appreciated having Dr. Manrique in our area, especially at a time when I needed his help.