Our goal is always to identify and treat the cause disease instead of simply managing symptoms.  The majority of chronic health problems are caused by a combination of factors including: diet, lifestyle, genetic predisposition, chronic stress, and exposure to environmental toxins.

Most people have complicated conditions that require an in depth initial visit.  The initial visit is a detailed consultation with Dr. Manrique that lasts 45 minutes to an hour.  During this visit, Dr. Manrique takes a detailed medical history, conducts physical exams, and orders any necessary lab work or imaging studies.  In addition, he listens to your whole story with special emphasis on what you want to accomplish from your treatment and what type of changes you are willing to make.  At the end of the first visit, Dr. Manrique will give you an order for any necessary lab or diagnostic imaging tests.

The main goal of the initial visit is for Dr. Manrique to gather all of the information necessary to accurately assess your condition and develop the best possible treatment plan.

Second visit:

By the time you arrive for your second visit, our office will have received your lab results.  The visit begins by reviewing your lab results with the doctor and discussing his assessment of your individual case.  Dr. Manrique will have thoroughly studied your case and will have prepared a personalized written treatment plan for you.  Follow-up appointments usually take between 15 and 45 minutes and their cost varies based on the length of the visit.