A year ago I made an appointment to see Dr. Manriquie for the following conditions:

I was told by my doctor I needed a surgery on my left shoulder joint, it was painful to move and could not be raised above vertical.

Both knee joints ached was not able to walk much about 3pm each day because of tenderness and swelling at the knee. I was told by my doctor I needed to have both joints replaced.

Back aches and pain.
High blood pressure
Two ingrown toe nails

I am 60 years old and have been a coal miner for the better part of my adult life. While working in the mines I have always worked on heavy equipment mechanicing and welding. The job required lifting and carrying tools and parts that often weights over 125 pounds, there is nothing light weight on large mining equipment. At this point in life I thought that I was worn out and just hoping to work till December 2015, that is when my current contract ends. I had no expectation of renewing my contract due to way I was feeling. The first appointment was made and Dr. Manriquie interviewed me to discuss my aches and pains. After the interview an appointment was made to pull blood samples. Once the blood tests were returned, another appointment was made to review the results of the blood test. During this review Dr. Manriquie told me that my testosterone was way below the normal, as was several other hormones below normal. It was agreed that we would start a hormone replacement therapy, as well as addressing the diabetes and blood pressure. At this point I was thinking that I needed to get my body in balance to get ready for three possibly four surgeries that would be required to fix all of the aches and pains. During the last year of hormone therapy the aches and pain in my shoulder, back and knees are gone. This last month I started walking in the evenings at least 4 times per week, that’s after working a full 10 hour day. I feel so energetic at times I even exercise a little. The stiffness in my joints that has been there for the past 15 years is gone; I can even swing a rope and rope cattle. I have not been able to do that for 15 years. This next year Dr. Manriquie has put me on a weight lose plan to control my diabetes and blood pressure. The way I currently feel, I have the energy, flexibility and strength required to exercise and lose the weight I need to. I am currently in the process of renewing my existing work contract for a least another 3 years, and have expectations of another contract when that one is completed. A side effect of the hormone therapy that I have experienced is my mental state of mind, I feel like I am 35 years old again.