“I suffered from debilitating chronic pain in my back, knees, and ankles for years. When I first came to Dr. Manrique back in May I had already tried everything, even steroid injections without success. The pain was constant and unbearable. I could barely walk and my whole body felt swollen. I hurt so bad that I couldn’t sleep at night, even though I took pain pills and sleeping pills.

After only 2 months of treatment and improving my diet, my life has completely turned around for the better. I no longer feel swollen. The swelling in my hands has decreased so much that my rings are now too big and fall off my fingers! Although I still have some pain, it is bearable and no longer prevents me from enjoying my life. I no longer need to take pain pills or sleeping pills. I sleep through the night and wake rested. During the day I feel energetic and can think clearly.

I’ve lost 13 pounds and I don’t need to take cholesterol medication anymore! The best thing is that I find myself feeling happy again, I just feel healthy and good. All of my friends notice how good I look and want to know what I’m doing. My beautician has even noticed. She is amazed at how healthy my hair feels and can’t believe that it is actually getting thicker!“