What a blessing Good Life Health Center has been to me! I am a 38 year old mother of four children. I had been taking anit-depression/anit-anxiety, and insomnia medication for 6 years. I had been to three doctors and a psychiatrist, trying to find a medications that would help my symptoms without giving me horrible side effects. Each time I would go off a medication, I would have terrible withdraw symptoms. The side effects I was having from the drugs seemed to be causing me more and more health problems, but without the drugs I was depressed, anxious and couldn’t sleep. I really just wanted to be healthy. Instead, I found myself taking more drugs to treat the side effects of the original drugs.

When I came to Dr. Manrique’s office, I realized that I had been taking medications to cover up my symptoms, without ever knowing what was causing them in the first place. Dr. Manrique wanted to find out what was causing my symptoms, and treat that. He assured me that he could help me get better without drugs. Initially, he spent quite a bit of time finding out my medical history, and getting information about my health. Then he had many tests run on my blood to find out what was really going on. Wow! I was used to just telling a doctor my symptoms and getting drugs. This was new! I started to have hope.

Dr. Manrique discussed the result of my bloodwork with me. I happened to be deficient in many areas, some of which could be causing my symptoms. We started working on getting me the supplements I needed to be healthy. As the doctor took the time to treat the problems, and not just the symptoms, I became better and better. I took advantage of a therapy, offered right there in the office to help with stress and teach better coping skills. I no longer take psychiatric drugs and I am free of anxiety, depression, and insomnia. Dr. Manrique wasn’t interested in just making me feel better. He wanted to make me well, so I could be better.

Now, I make no more trips to Phoenix to see the psychiatrist. I am better, and will be seeing Dr. Manrique as needed to make sure I am still doing well. What a blessing to have Good Life Health Center right here on the mountain. What a blessing to be healthy and well!