If you want to take an active role in your health.
Your body is perfectly designed and is able to heal itself.  Dr. Manrique recognizes this, therefore his role is always to empower you to heal yourself.

Are you taking too many medications?
Most patients see a different medical specialist for every symptom.  This trend increases the likelihood of drug interactions and unnecessary prescriptions. Dr. Manrique will take the time to evaluate each and every one of your medications and supplements.  He will help you understand the potential benefits and the potential risks of each.

Patient centered medicine.
At the Good Life Health Center we work for you. Dr. Manrique will respect your opinions, decisions, and health goals.  He will explain your health condition, conventional and alternative treatment options, along with the risks, benefits, and financial costs of each, helping you make an informed decision.

Do you want to optimize your health?  Do you want to feel great?
It is a common misconception that aches and pains, cognative decline, sexual disfunction, and fatigue are all parts of normal aging.  The truth is that if properly cared for your body will retain normal function for your whole life.  Dr. Manrique can help you feel great, be pain free, have a strong body, and a sharp mind at any age.

Are you interested in prevention?
Dr. Manrique is an expert at interpreting lab results, patient histories, and physical exam finding.  He can often identify the subtle signs of imbalance before they become a diagnosable disease.

Do you want your doctor to provide the best service possible, not just what some insurance company thinks is medically necessary?
Since we have no contracts with insurance companies, we are not limited in the services that we are allowed to offer our patients. We will always provide you with personalized care and give you the option of choosing the best possible treatment plan.

We protect your personal privacy.
We do not keep electronic medical records. This means that your private health information is not available to hackers, government agencies, insurance companies, or anyone else without your written authorization or a court order.

There are so many other reasons to become a patient. Call us to see how we can help.