“I was very desperate when I first came in. I came in after having been hemorrhaging for going on three months. I had the problem of hemorrhaging on and off for the last 4 year. I was even considering having a hysterectomy to correct the hemorrhaging. I had no energy, and was losing strength, felt light headed and wanting to pass out. I was feeling so bad that Dr. Manrique gave me nutritional IVs to help me while feeling so weak. I noticed the difference in my energy immediately after the IV. Dr. Manrique put me on oral progesterone and Chinese herbs, which stopped the bleeding with in one week.

I regained my strength, I felt like eating again. He also gave me iron for my anemia.
I began seeing Dr. Manrique on Dec 8, 2010.
I no longer need to use the progesterone nor have any problem with hemorrhaging. I finally feel normal again!

I am sharing my story to encourage other women to take care of their hormonal issues naturally instead of getting a hysterectomy. Although I am a mother of 4 and not planning on having any more kids, having my ovaries and uterus keeps my body in balance. If I didn’t have them I know I would have to be on synthetic hormones that I could no longer produce. I am so happy that my body and hormones are balance now so I can live normally. Dr. Manrique saved my life.
I would definitely recommend if you have a health problem, no matter how far you are coming from, to seek Dr. Manrique out because he listens and cares for his patients. ”

AGE 44