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What is Infrared Mammography and how does it work?

Infrared mammography is a medical imaging technique that works by measuring heat emissions from the breast.  Heat emitted from the surface of the breast is determined by its blood flow and metabolism.   Abnormal heat signatures can indicate specific disease processes, including breast cancer.

Is Infrared Mammography an alternative to conventional X-ray mammography?

No, Infrared mammography has been FDA approved as an adjunctive breast cancer screening technique.  This means that it is intended to aid in the early detection of breast cancer when used in conjunction with clinical breast exam and conventional breast imaging. Incorporating infrared mammography into a comprehensive breast health evaluation increases the survival of its recipients by 61%.

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Do I need an order from a doctor?

Yes, just like any other form of imaging or lab analysis, infrared mammography can only be done when ordered by a physician.  If you are not a patient of the Good Life Health Center you can discuss infrared mammography with your doctor and ask that he or she order the study as part of your comprehensive breast health evaluation.   We will need to have either a valid prescription from your ordering physician for “Breast Thermology” ,“Infrared Mammography”, or a signed imaging order (available from our office) before your study can be scheduled. 

Will my insurance plan cover it?

Probably not.

How much will it cost?

If you are Dr. Manrique’s established patient, the cost of the study is $300.  You may need separate appointment to review the results of the study and get a clinical breast exam.  This depends on when your last clinical breast exam was performed and your specific situation.

If you are not Dr. Manrique’s patient, and the study is ordered by another physician, the cost of the study is $300.  We will send the results of your study directly to your ordering physician.  Your ordering physician will be responsible for going over the results with you and determining what to do with the information.

If you are not Dr. Manrique’s patient and you want to get an infrared mammography study but don’t have a physician to order it for you. The cost is $450.  Dr. Manrique will conduct a targeted history and physical exam including clinical breast exam before ordering your study.  This cost includes reviewing the results with the doctor. When Dr. Manrique goes over your results he may recommend follow up studies and/or follow up with him or another physician.   He will not make any treatment recommendations during this visit.

Why should I make infrared mammography part of my comprehensive breast health program?

Safety and accuracy: Infrared mammography does not involve breast compression or exposure to ionizing radiation.  It is a safe and painless breast-cancer screening tool that is appropriate and clinically relevant for all women.

Breast cancer affects 1 in 8 women, including those for whom x-ray mammography is either not recommended or it’s clinical relevance is significantly compromised.

Although breast cancer is the number one cause of death in women ages 29-45, routine screening with x-ray mammograms is not currently recommended for women of this age bracket.

Early detection:  Infrared Mammography can identify the earliest signs of cancer formation, up to ten years before any other imaging modality.

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Prevention:  Early detection with infrared mammography gives you the opportunity to identify and address imbalances in breast health before cancer forms.

Accurate for more women:

The ability of a conventional X-ray mammogram to correctly identify breast cancer is significantly reduced if you:

  • If you use bio-identical hormones
  • Are pre-menopausal.  Breast cancer is the leading cause of death in women aged 29-45!
  •  If you have dense or fibrocystic breast tissue
  • If you have breast implants
  • If you have had surgical reductions or prior biopsies
  • If you have large or small breasts
  • If you have a fast-growing cancer.


Will I need follow up breast imaging?

Maybe, depending on the recommendations of your referring physician.  In cases where infrared mammography reveals a suspicious area requiring further investigation, it may be necessary to follow up with an anatomic study.  The anatomic study (usually targeted ultrasound) provides additional information about the suspicious area.  If a biopsy is required, the anatomic test allows your physician to pin point the exact area that must be biopsied. No imaging technique or lab test can diagnose cancer.  Cancer can only be diagnosed with a tissue biopsy.

How Often Should I get an Infrared Mammogram?

We suggest women get a baseline screening at age 25 and then once a year starting at age 30.

Getting an Infrared Mammogram is a easy, non-contact, and no radiation test.

After equilibrating with the room temperature, the exam consists of two parts: a baseline set of images followed by a challenged set of images. The technician will take 3 images for the baseline study. Then the patient soaks their hand in cool water for one minute and the same 3 images are taken.

The images are sent to the Therma-Scan laboratory whose rigorus five-step analytic and reporting process is unmatched in the industry. The images and a thorough report are sent to your physicain

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