To the White Mountain Area Community:

I appreciate so much the expertise that Dr. Manrique has brought to Show Low and the communities of the White Mountains. He is caring and helpful, but his professional skills and knowledge are abundantly apparent.

I was diagnosed with breast cancer in April, 2011 which I suspected at least for a few months. My problem was that I really did not have confidence in any of the doctors who practice conventional medicine. Through a referral from some patients of Dr. Manrique, I made an appointment in March. Dr. Manrique determined that I am also diabetic, recommending a change of diet, along with some lifestyle changes, all of which made a difference in my blood sugar levels, which would definitely affect the situation with a breast tumor.

He referred me to an oncologist for tests for cancer and a definitive diagnosis and I was scheduled to start on a unique conventional regimen, specific to breast cancer. Another part of being somewhat nervous with delays and concern over cancer in general, I felt some stress and drama with my situation. Dr. Manrique was very encouraging, giving a dose of confidence as well as encouragement to make solid changes in my health. In June I had started the conventional therapy with the first treatment. At my next consultation with Dr. Manrique, the tumor lesion had shrunk more than half of what it was in March. Significant progress had been made as a result of Dr. Manrique’s recommendations.

I am happy to say that the lesion is gone and I am continuing to use alternative methods to ensure a positive outcome. I was referred to Dr. Manrique at a time when treatment for cancer was crucial. He was very encouraging and helpful, not only in outlining what measures I needed to take to recover but also to direct my focus to other health professionals that I needed for my best options. I appreciated his recommendations for my course of action. I have come to trust his knowledge and his opinions for the depth of his medical resources and for his ability to help patients who come for his help.

I appreciated having Dr. Manrique in our area, especially at a time when I needed his help.



I have suffered from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Environmental Illness for over 20 years. I have seen all kinds of doctors from MD’s to Homeopaths’ to Naturopaths’ and did not see any significant improvement from any of them.

I have progressed further under Dr. Manrique in 3 weeks than I have in the past 20 years under the other doctors.

My digestion, energy, and brain function have all improved tremendously in a short period of time. I have also lost 10 pounds on the special allergy free diet. Dr. Manrique is very considerate of people’s time and money. I think so highly of his ability that my lady is starting with him because of the vast improvement she has seen in me. I would highly recommend any one that has a problem that the regular MD’s can’t fix to come and see Dr. Manrique.


I’ve gone to numerous doctors and they have all misdiagnosed and over medicated me. Dr. Manrique thinks outside of the box, curing the root cause of symptoms. I’ve had drastic weight loss, better sleep, decrease of muscle cramps, the numbness in my feet has stopped, I have better energy and especially mental acuity. I feel well finally. I have been able to do it all one step at a time for tremendous results. The best part has been reducing my dependance on medication, and some of it was very ‘hard-core’. Thank you so much Dr. Javier!


I am a 66 year old woman, retired after 40 years in the medical profession. I started seeing Dr Manrique about 6 years ago to get treatment for psoriasis & an out of control thyroid condition.

Over the years he has found several underlying conditions that have been affecting me my whole life.

With my experience in the medical field I have been very skeptical & wary of Drs but he has totally changed my life. After treatment for fibromyalgia, hormone & immunity problems, I saw much improvement in how I feel & general health.

I told him several years ago that he game me my life back. I could do things I hadn’t been able to do in years. My quality of life has improved 100%.

About 1 1/2 years ago my health started declining quickly & he caught several serious conditions before I even realized I was sick.

He is the first Dr in my experience to actually listen to me and see minor changes no one else would even consider. Dr Manrique has saved my life more then once & I know I’m here today because of him. I feel so lucky to have found someone really concerned about my health & quality of life.

Now with my health continuing to decline he works very hard to treat my symptoms & keep me as comfortable as he can. I have to say he has had his work cut out for him dealing with my extremely stubborn nature & I really appreciate his patience with me. I thank him for helping to make my later years in life more comfortable.


A year ago I made an appointment to see Dr. Manriquie for the following conditions:

I was told by my doctor I needed a surgery on my left shoulder joint, it was painful to move and could not be raised above vertical.

Both knee joints ached was not able to walk much about 3pm each day because of tenderness and swelling at the knee. I was told by my doctor I needed to have both joints replaced.

Back aches and pain.
High blood pressure
Two ingrown toe nails

I am 60 years old and have been a coal miner for the better part of my adult life. While working in the mines I have always worked on heavy equipment mechanicing and welding. The job required lifting and carrying tools and parts that often weights over 125 pounds, there is nothing light weight on large mining equipment. At this point in life I thought that I was worn out and just hoping to work till December 2015, that is when my current contract ends. I had no expectation of renewing my contract due to way I was feeling. The first appointment was made and Dr. Manriquie interviewed me to discuss my aches and pains. After the interview an appointment was made to pull blood samples. Once the blood tests were returned, another appointment was made to review the results of the blood test. During this review Dr. Manriquie told me that my testosterone was way below the normal, as was several other hormones below normal. It was agreed that we would start a hormone replacement therapy, as well as addressing the diabetes and blood pressure. At this point I was thinking that I needed to get my body in balance to get ready for three possibly four surgeries that would be required to fix all of the aches and pains. During the last year of hormone therapy the aches and pain in my shoulder, back and knees are gone. This last month I started walking in the evenings at least 4 times per week, that’s after working a full 10 hour day. I feel so energetic at times I even exercise a little. The stiffness in my joints that has been there for the past 15 years is gone; I can even swing a rope and rope cattle. I have not been able to do that for 15 years. This next year Dr. Manriquie has put me on a weight lose plan to control my diabetes and blood pressure. The way I currently feel, I have the energy, flexibility and strength required to exercise and lose the weight I need to. I am currently in the process of renewing my existing work contract for a least another 3 years, and have expectations of another contract when that one is completed. A side effect of the hormone therapy that I have experienced is my mental state of mind, I feel like I am 35 years old again.


“I suffered from debilitating chronic pain in my back, knees, and ankles for years. When I first came to Dr. Manrique back in May I had already tried everything, even steroid injections without success. The pain was constant and unbearable. I could barely walk and my whole body felt swollen. I hurt so bad that I couldn’t sleep at night, even though I took pain pills and sleeping pills.

After only 2 months of treatment and improving my diet, my life has completely turned around for the better. I no longer feel swollen. The swelling in my hands has decreased so much that my rings are now too big and fall off my fingers! Although I still have some pain, it is bearable and no longer prevents me from enjoying my life. I no longer need to take pain pills or sleeping pills. I sleep through the night and wake rested. During the day I feel energetic and can think clearly.

I’ve lost 13 pounds and I don’t need to take cholesterol medication anymore! The best thing is that I find myself feeling happy again, I just feel healthy and good. All of my friends notice how good I look and want to know what I’m doing. My beautician has even noticed. She is amazed at how healthy my hair feels and can’t believe that it is actually getting thicker!“


“As a new patient of Good Life Health Center, my experience with Dr. Manrique and his staff has been life changing! He listens, and is knowledgable and wise beyond his years.

I’ve put my health in his hands and you should do the same”


“My husband and I would like to take this time and opportunity to thank you for your knowledge in getting our young son Shi back to normal health. Shi is three years old and started experiencing the beginning of his illness around Aug. 2010. Shi’s symptoms started out gradually getting worse and worse in the months to follow. The first thing we noticed was how drastic his bowel habits changed. He would bowel movement then go from three to seven days without one at all. He would spend about two days per week vomiting all day long, everything he ate or drank. He was loosing his appetite, and when he would eat about 15-20 minutes later, he would scream with pain in his stomach. We then noticed how even on a hot day, Shi was always freezing cold, wanting to wear a coat, or cover with a blanket. We started making regular visits to his then pediatrician, who put him on magnesium citrate and several other over the counter childrens’ laxatives for his bowel problem; along with several x-rays of his abdomen to see whey Shi wasn’t going to the bathroom regularly. The x-rays showed Shi was severely impacted.

So we would have to start all over again each time with the different laxatives to try on him. He would have a bowel movement with screaming pain, then go for another seven days with no bowel movements at all.
In between, Shi was eating extremely healthy foods. Fruits, vegetables and whole grains that should have made him go very regularly. Instead, the problem was getting worse.
After a couple of weeks, all of the laxatives completely stopped working even the childrens’ suppositories would no longer make him go. Shi was now loosing weight, getting extremely skinny, and his vomiting was starting to increase along with the pain in his abdomen.

We returned again to his then pediatrician who again prescribed the same laxatives that still were not working on him. By now Shi weighed even less and along with his not having a normal bowel movement, throwing up twice per week or more, he was loosing all the color in his face, developing dark sunken circles around his eyes and now he was starting to have stool running out all day long constantly, soiling his underwear and pants, every 30 minutes to an hour.

We looked up information on irritable bowel syndrome, which some of the symptoms seem to match his, so we got some natural childrens’ irritable bowel syndrome tablets for the health food store and started him on them right away. We were also giving him emergency packages for the vitamin C and electrolytes along with a very good liquid acidophilus. We knew that all of this must work since nothing else was, this had to be an irritable bowel syndrome problem that the other Dr’s had just overlooked.

After time, this too did nothing for him at all. Now, the stool was running out constantly and much worse, all with still no regular bowel movement. He was starting to cross his legs and scream with pain saying how it hurt inside still.

By now he had lost so much weight and he was so weak, that all he wanted to do was lay on the couch for days and weeks at a time. He quit playing with his brother and the other kids. He wanted to do nothing but sleep. If he had to urinate he would just go in the bed, or we would have to carry him to the bathroom. He was barely eating and the little that he was eating, his dad and I would have to raise him up in bed to feed him.

At this point we were so terrified and we feared the worst about his condition and could not let this go another day. We had to find someone who could put all of the strange symptoms together and figure out a cure for Shi as quick as possible. A friend of ours, and the health food store, both highly recommended Dr. Manrique and the Good Life Health Center. I made an appointment that same day to get in. When finding out Shi’s condition. There was no waiting around on being scheduled several days later. They took Shi in that same day.

Shi was so sick we had to physically carry him in. I couldn’t be more impressed with how kind and considerate Dr. Manrique and his staff were at taking the time to thoroughly go over every detail about Shi and his condition. After thorough evaluation of Shi, Dr. Manrique did a lot of research and ran a series of blood tests on Shi finding a bacterial infection in his intestines, extreme low thyroid and adrenal function, an allergy to wheat and gluten, and a slight bi-polar disorder.

All of this combined for all those months was what was causing those extreme symptoms. Dr. Manrique put Shi on Thyroid, Hydrocortisone, extremely high doses of vitamin C even giving him a 500mg vitamin C potassium IV, digestive enzymes, probiotics and 5mg of lithium for the mood disorder. Dr. Manrique also put Shi on a strict no wheat, gluten, sugar or dairy diet. It consisted of only chicken and vegetable soups, brown rice, honey, steamed veggies and blueberries. We also had to give him 2-5 saline enemas per day to clean out his system.

The Dr. Said to give it about 2 weeks and we would see a noticeable improvement in Shi’s health. We followed this nutritional guideline very close and by the time 2 weeks had passed, Shi was making very definite improvements in his health. He was getting energy, his appetite returned, and his bowel movements were now starting to get regular and he was able to go twice a day with no pain and no enemas.

As difficult as this all was for a 3 year old to follow, Shi realized how sick he was and cooperated completely. Not only were we as his family able to see the major improvements Shi was making, but other around the community were also noticing that he was starting to gain his normal weight back. The dark eye circles were disappearing, and his facial color was getting back to normal. In the 3 months that we have been taking Shi to see Dr. Manrique from March-June 2011, we are extremely happy, and very impressed with the Dr. Manrique’s ability to get Shi back to normal health. We have recommended Dr. Manrique to our friends, family and associates and we highly recommend that any of you who are suffering from disturbing and unknown health issues and problems go see Dr. Manrique right away. You will get the health related answers that you have been looking for.”


“I was very desperate when I first came in. I came in after having been hemorrhaging for going on three months. I had the problem of hemorrhaging on and off for the last 4 year. I was even considering having a hysterectomy to correct the hemorrhaging. I had no energy, and was losing strength, felt light headed and wanting to pass out. I was feeling so bad that Dr. Manrique gave me nutritional IVs to help me while feeling so weak. I noticed the difference in my energy immediately after the IV. Dr. Manrique put me on oral progesterone and Chinese herbs, which stopped the bleeding with in one week.

I regained my strength, I felt like eating again. He also gave me iron for my anemia.
I began seeing Dr. Manrique on Dec 8, 2010.
I no longer need to use the progesterone nor have any problem with hemorrhaging. I finally feel normal again!

I am sharing my story to encourage other women to take care of their hormonal issues naturally instead of getting a hysterectomy. Although I am a mother of 4 and not planning on having any more kids, having my ovaries and uterus keeps my body in balance. If I didn’t have them I know I would have to be on synthetic hormones that I could no longer produce. I am so happy that my body and hormones are balance now so I can live normally. Dr. Manrique saved my life.
I would definitely recommend if you have a health problem, no matter how far you are coming from, to seek Dr. Manrique out because he listens and cares for his patients. ”

AGE 44


What a blessing Good Life Health Center has been to me! I am a 38 year old mother of four children. I had been taking anit-depression/anit-anxiety, and insomnia medication for 6 years. I had been to three doctors and a psychiatrist, trying to find a medications that would help my symptoms without giving me horrible side effects. Each time I would go off a medication, I would have terrible withdraw symptoms. The side effects I was having from the drugs seemed to be causing me more and more health problems, but without the drugs I was depressed, anxious and couldn’t sleep. I really just wanted to be healthy. Instead, I found myself taking more drugs to treat the side effects of the original drugs.

When I came to Dr. Manrique’s office, I realized that I had been taking medications to cover up my symptoms, without ever knowing what was causing them in the first place. Dr. Manrique wanted to find out what was causing my symptoms, and treat that. He assured me that he could help me get better without drugs. Initially, he spent quite a bit of time finding out my medical history, and getting information about my health. Then he had many tests run on my blood to find out what was really going on. Wow! I was used to just telling a doctor my symptoms and getting drugs. This was new! I started to have hope.

Dr. Manrique discussed the result of my bloodwork with me. I happened to be deficient in many areas, some of which could be causing my symptoms. We started working on getting me the supplements I needed to be healthy. As the doctor took the time to treat the problems, and not just the symptoms, I became better and better. I took advantage of a therapy, offered right there in the office to help with stress and teach better coping skills. I no longer take psychiatric drugs and I am free of anxiety, depression, and insomnia. Dr. Manrique wasn’t interested in just making me feel better. He wanted to make me well, so I could be better.

Now, I make no more trips to Phoenix to see the psychiatrist. I am better, and will be seeing Dr. Manrique as needed to make sure I am still doing well. What a blessing to have Good Life Health Center right here on the mountain. What a blessing to be healthy and well!